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Speadsheet for installment gearing into MF 2016-09-15

Speadsheet for installment gearing into MF

  1. Chris.R_WA
    Hi all,

    After searching around for a while for a spreadsheet that could track monthly installment gearing into a fund I came up with zilch. So I bit the bullet and have created one.
    I wanted something that could track regular, monthly capital contributions and loan drawdowns, as well as display the powerful quaterly compounding of reinvesting distributions (as opposed to annually for IP's etc).

    You can put your own values into the GREEN boxes, this is just an example (my piddly little figures).

    The term CG may not be technically correct (should be % return or income reinvested etc) but the calculations and graph should all be correct. Forward projected only till Jan 2011 purely out of laziness. You will find it an effort to drag/extend the calculations because of the format.

    Hope someone else finds this useful!

    Cheers, Chris