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Tax 0809 spreadsheet 2016-09-15

Tax 0809 spreadsheet

  1. bella

    This sheet is used to keep track of income and tax for a financial year.
    It was originally made for my personal use. As such it may not accommodate everyones needs.

    I am a single person, salary earner, holding the same job all year, paid fortnightly, salary sacrifice into super, makes some regular small donations to charity, with some managed funds with a margin loan and high-interest bank account. My HECS debt is paid off, and I don't have any direct investment property. If you have investment property you could possibly modify the "Investments" sheet to work for you. If you are in a similar boat to me it should work a treat.

    I have put dummy salary and investment information in as an example. Replace with your own data.
    Some parts I have provided references to ATO etc. so rules can be cross-checked.
    It is for an estimate only, and may not take into consideration all that is relevent for your own planning.
    Use at your own risk, and do your own research.
    I have excel notes where applicable (see the red triangle in the top left corner of the cells)

    It is a work in progress - it has been evolving for 3 years now.
    Hope you find it useful. Let me know what you think so i can improve it.