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What tools do you want? 2016-09-15

What tools do you want?

  1. Nigel Ward
    Michael (and the committee :D ) have done a good job on a basic living on equity spreadsheet here

    To continue in that vein attached is a little spreadsheet I cooked up about this time last year for some friends of mine who had an unencumbered former home in the UK and were wondering how to invest going forward.

    As people may know lazy equity is one of my pet hates :rolleyes:

    To try to demonstrate to them the opportunity cost of that lazy equity I built this spreadsheet in an idle hour or so.

    Now this is just a fun little toy but would people like to see more spreadsheets/number crunching tools? And, if so, what?

    Bring it on. No promises but we'll try to accommodate.


    ps. you'll need to enable macros in the spreadsheet.