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30, off to a solid start - where to next?

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by hammerv2, 26th Jul, 2010.

  1. hammerv2

    hammerv2 New Member

    26th Jul, 2010
    Katherine NT
    Hi guys,
    I'm new here. I'm newly married and have had some luck with land and now own a block outright and have 40k in the bank. I don't have any debt what so ever.
    My wife isn't working at the moment so I am supporting us both.

    I'm totally happy with getting this far, but I'll need to turn everything into a house somehow over the next five years.

    Any ideas for strategies? I'm not feeling very confident about the real estate market at the moment, and shares are a bit volatile and - I just don't know enough about them yet. So while I'm sitting idle I have put the 40k into a Usaver account.

    We're renting at the moment but the rent is VERY cheap (we've been lucky). There really is no rush to buy a house.

    Anyway...I'd love to hear some thoughts... What would you do in this situation?

    Hope you're all having a nice one!
  2. Johny_come_lately

    Johny_come_lately Well-Known Member

    1st Jul, 2009
    SE Queensland
    Hi hammerv2,

    Write a list of goals and put it on the fridge. With each goal add the date of completion. If you acheive a goal before its due date, reset another goal. If your deadline expires, evaluate this goal and perhaps choose something easier.

    Oh.... and research index funds/ETFs :)

  3. etrembath

    etrembath Member

    27th Jul, 2010
    Look at picking up a good parcel of Aussie shares - top 50 - like BHP, ANZ, WPL, AGK, WOW, WOR...

    Then look at Margin Lending - but keep it conservative say around 50%-60%... it has it's tax advantages too... but speak to a broker - a good one - and an accountant...

    Leveraging in to ETF's are a good idea too...

    I reckon we're in for a decent run for the next 12 months, but you need to be active.

    good luck
  4. Devils

    Devils New Member

    28th Jul, 2010
    Toowoomba QLD
    1. superannuation, its tax effective
    2. your can make significant profits in property IF you choose wisely. The property market is overheated because of 300K immigrants each year have to live somewhere & supply cant keep up.