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A good Financial Planner, accountant

Discussion in 'Investing Strategies' started by midou, 22nd Sep, 2011.

  1. midou

    midou Member

    22nd Sep, 2011
    Need a good financial adviser or/and accountant

    I am looking for a financial adviser or/and accountant

    1. Who will not going to sell products in which he or his licensee has any ownership.

    2. Who is engaged on a pure dollar based fee basis for both upfront and ongoing advice. (no percentage of assets)

    3. Who will not start the meeting with general questions such as What is your financial goal? Do you have a life insurance? etc.
    Someone with a bit more personal approach.

    4.Who can advise on broad range Property investment, managed funds and tax efficient investment.

    4. Who cares about his professionalism.

    If you know of a good financial adviser or/and Accountant like this on the south side of Brisbane. Please let me know.
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