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A Townhouse? or 10% Return p.a for 2 years?

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Nathan Devlin, 17th Apr, 2009.

  1. Nathan Devlin

    Nathan Devlin New Member

    17th Apr, 2009
    Brisbane, QLD
    Hi Guys,

    We currently have an investor opportunity to invest money into a development for residential townhouses.

    Option 1 - Townhouses;

    Our proposal is for a investor (or two) to contribute $1 million capital investment to the project (this would be secured by transfer of units in the unit trust and/or 2nd mortgage over the subject property), in return for the capital investment the investor would receive four x 3 bedroom townhouses in the development upon completion of the development (most likely two in each stage). The investor can then determine to keep as investment or move part or all of their investment at their requirement.

    The development site is 2.46ha located on Mt Gravatt- Capalaba Road, Mackenzie, QLD and is zoned Low residential (old res A) under Brisbane City Council planning scheme. Under the current residential zoning development of the site for 75/76 townhouses would be code compliant without seeking any relaxations.

    The investment would be for a period of approx 3 years in total, 12 mths to obtain D/A, a further 12 months for bal approvals and construct stage 1 and a further 12 mths to complete stage 2. The townhouses would be all three bedroom, double garage designed and sold to the investment market - current sale price would be in the $395 - $435k range.

    This investment opportunity would give a investor with capital a strong investment with significant upside to acquiring residential investment properties as normal. The investor would have a "cost base" of approx. $250k per townhouse and if kept for rental would produce a significant return on capital. The investor would have four separate properties on completion and could elect to sell one or more townhouses to get capital returned - all CGT and tax issues the investor would have to sort if they elect to sell, as significant profit on investment would be received.

    This "type" of investor we are seeking is so we do not have % return on investment or % of interest to haggle over or expose the investor to the risks of property development, it simply offers a investor the opportunity to receive four townhouses at a significantly low cost base in exchange for their early investment in the project. There is no risk to the investor as to profitability, costs or any of the other risks associated with JV style investment - the investor is acquiring a part interest in the property which converts to four townhouses upon completion - regardless of whether the project makes a profit or loss.

    Option 2 - 10% return p.a

    We would be looking at one or two investors to invest $100,000 - $200,000 at an interest rate of 10% p.a for 2 years. If the investor was to invest $200,000 they would get $20,000 a year for two years.

    If any of you are interest please don't hesitate to contact me via PM and I can give you more information.
  2. Nigel Ward

    Nigel Ward Team InvestEd

    10th Jun, 2005
    Thanks Nathan & welcome to InvestEd.

    Whilst it sounds like an interesting proposal, you'll need to offer much more detail to get people interested.

    Firstly who are "we", ie are you the landowner? Do you have development experience? What stage is the work on getting DA at? Have you had early discussions with BCC and what were the indications there?

    Secondly, what does an investment of $1m get the investor? You mention some units in the unit trust and perhaps secured by a 2nd mtge?

    What proportion of units in the trust will that comprise? Is there a unitholders agreement? What does it say about how decisions need to be made? Will the investor have a majority of units or will they at least have veto rights on some key decisions? What about tag-along/drag-along should the other unitholders want to sell?

    How do you propose that the unitholding will translate into a 3-4x real property interests in the by then subdivided land? Is there some sort of partition deed?

    How will it all work?

    Please give us a lot more detail if you want to try to solicit investors on this forum. Also, bear in mind the need to consider both the Corporations Act fundraising rules as well the licensing requirements for FSR.