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Advice on Property Management Career

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MelanieJo, 17th Aug, 2011.

  1. MelanieJo

    MelanieJo New Member

    17th Aug, 2011
    Wangaratta, Victoriea
    Hi All, nice to be here with like minded people.
    This is going to be a bit long winded so please bear with me. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated (pros and cons). Also, if you don't know the answer would you recommend someone who might...

    I want to start a Property Management business (no sales just exclusively property management). From my research I understand that I need to do the Real Estate Reps course and to work under a licenced Real Estate Agent...or do I have to be employed by one?

    What I want to know is can I get started working from my home office? Is it as simple as sourcing a Licenced Real Estate agent for me to work under after I do my Reps course?

    I have managed a couple of my own investment properties and I have had people ask me to look after theirs as they know I do a good job. Of course that is not the only reason I want to start a business, I love working in real estate and with people, I have also been a business owner before in hospitality.
    Once I have the business started I would like to Niche it by offering Lease Options. This will give my Tenants an opportunity for home ownership and my Landlords an opportunity to sell a property that they are finding difficult to sell. A Lease Option is simply a standard Residential Lease Agreement contract with an Option to Purchase contract attached. The Tenant then has the option to purchase the property within a period of time, usually a couple of years.

    I live in North East Victoria.
    I would like to manage property in my area as well as Southern NSW. If I managed property in NSW would I need to do a Property Management course for NSW and would I need a Licensee from NSW?

    My husband has been working as a Real Estate Agent in Victoria for a few months now and his aim is to get his License but he needs to works as a Rep for at least 12 months before he can do this. I mention this because I could possibly work under his License?

    Your feed back is greatly appreciated.