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Trading All followed US into the hell?

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 3rd Aug, 2011.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    US sell and then all sell but...!

    What do you think about US economies is one matter All in Australia Stock Market don't trust old economies any more and follow the leader to sell is another matter.

    US sale has made all of people around the world to sell. Why don't you sell if everyone else is selling? I would not sell when the market is selling without my own rational reasons in my circle! If I make mistakes in the market, I want it is because my own fault in operations or calculations rather than breaching the rules, which I have to follow in the relative context. Errors in operations could be corrected if we realize but behaviors without necessary disciplines could be disastrous and hard to correct. I want to sell under the Sun but I did buy when I was over-optimism. I want to buy in the ruins with my affordable capital but I did buy when I was overoptimism and allowed the cost run!

    I feel sorry for myself since I would miss some great chances this time ahead. I feel painful since no profit even I worked hard. I feel disappointed since I could not stop me to do thing emotionally. In the market you could not break the basic rules otherwise you could be trapped there. I ignored the rules and principle and made a series of mistakes between April and May. These mistakes forced me to check what wrong with me rather than to get the chances. It incurs too much opportunity costs.

    Lessons need to be remembered and damages have been done. So why do I sell on the fire after most of bargain hunters have sold what they had in Aussie dirty-cheap fish circles between May and June? No way! Feeling over-optimism when the market greedy is wrong! Feeling panic when the market is selling is wrong! Selling after the damage done is completely wrong!

    Why do you follow the people who like in the hell?

    Am I not flexible enough?

    Am I following my feeling to decide what I should do. I am really afraid to do so now. I turn each of my shares in my portfolio up-down, and right-left today. I could not see anyone of them should be sold on the fire. What if the market worse? What about the cash reserve? Not very good but the selling should be enough and should be up when the Sun comes back.

    The market selling only makes one headache to me, that is, I may have to fine tune my plan to get my cash reserve back to the level after some worst things happen. It is a kind of attrition war. Fortunately the bargain hunters usually cut their feet before market do so.

    One thing is what I want to be sure now, that is, I would not do the wrong things to correct my mistakes! I could not do so. It is too expensive. It is insane and crazy to beat you down since you just make some mistakes!

    If damages have been done, no point to run in the hell! The more important thing is how I could do better in next sale with better understanding of the market warriors and myself! Pains is the trigger to get the lessons.

    Evolution from Market Ape to man!

    IT bust forced me to learn value and go back to the basic, which has given me nearly 7 years time to behave rationally in the market. This time I stopped my mistakes before it turns into disasters, started to check myself much more deeply than that I did between 2000 - 2004. Consequences are important for us but if we could get the lessons from the bad consequences, we could get the paper profit back.

    In this sense, it is better for the pains longer than shorter. If this bad time could let me finish a valid business plan, I believe I will behave much better than the time between 2004 - 2010. If 1998 - 2000 were the time for quick and easy money, the time between 2001 - 2004 was the time I first would like to be rational and logic in the market, the time between 2005-20010 would be the time I could behave as an independent market student, the time between April - the end of storm would give me the chances so that I could put all what I have learned into the microscope for plan.

    It has some stages that a Market ape has to pass by before it could become a independent market business man. Could I reduce the time of each stage for the transformation? It is a painful but very exciting path. Could I stop the paper profit loss every year ahead?

    It is real challenge. We could not stop to see what consequences to feel but we have to do the things for winning out that the market and self allow. I hope I could finish the study for this transformation and be organized, disciplined, analytical, and self-reliant once I finish the journey of this stage!

    I swear I would not allow me to be a market ape again!

    I would try all not to follow anyone to be in the hell! I could not be wise enough in days but I could be self-reliant first! I could be organized and disciplined first! 80% of failure in my case was because I din't do what I know I should do and do what I know I should not do!

    My problem is always I know I should not go to the place where I would die but I did go there! Whose problem? It is mine! If I fail it is my problem and sins; it is my stupidity and irrationality make the failure become true; it is because I fail to get my road map and the process to let me follow my road map; it is my failure to get the lessons!

    The known is great but if just having the Known without the action by following to the Known, we would be in the hell at last!

    What is the most lesson in the market? Don't be stupid to sell on fire to correct your mistakes! It cost too much for nothing. If you do so, you would be beaten down sooner or later! No exceptional!

    I have to act as a man in the market! I have to fight against my primary instinct to run euphorically when market is euphoric or desperately when the market is in panic! I have to build my own corner slowly but decisively!
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