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America Is Not All Bad!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 3rd Apr, 2011.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    Have you read some words like those? What do you feel just from the words. It could be a conclusion from a very shallow mind or some great thought. It really depends on what the premises they are used for this conclusion. Have you wondered that All of America are bad, most are bad, partly but significantly bad, or partly but not significantly bad?

    Since GFC most of market players keeps to change their views about US. Really US has been changed since our changed views then? America definitely has being changed but it doesn't change its fundamental significantly. The words, "America is not all bad" sheds some surprises which seems with great mental struggle who say so. Why do you struggle and when do you think America is all bad?

    Too many of market players thought US and DOW were bad. Too many of market players thought the bad US was dragging the whole world into the hell. Too many of market players painfully and decisively burnt the money on the fire since US seemed never decoupled from the world and it could bring all into the hell. The fear in GFC crash is understandable but it just proves the market herd never could be rational in the shocking.

    After the shocking and burning of the money, DOW moves up again so that we had the V-shape recovery but no too many then believe US is not all bad, and too many still expected the double dips, which should be but no too many could see this world is much better than before and nations could work together for their common interests much easier than before.

    Are you still holding that XAO is not all bad? Are you believing China is not all bad? Are you believing Japan is not all bad? Are you believing Libya is not all bad? How could you use good things and protect yourself from the hurting of the bad things? In the crashed tunnel whether or not you believe you could get out, it is always better to focus on the matters to find the light at the exit of the tunnel. It is so obvious but in the market few could hold when we need to!

    Is it a lesson of the life logic? Could we use it in next crash? It will come in after all of us forget the crash!