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Announcing the new InvestEd website

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Simon Hampel, 2nd Jun, 2006.

  1. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Co-founder Staff Member

    9th Jun, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of the new InvestEd website.

    The site has a whole new look. But more importantly, from this new platform we will be able to provide you with a large range of new features, such as: an expanding glossary of investment terms; downloadable audio files on investment topics; an archive of tools and utilities (eg. spreadsheets) for use by investors; and a live chat room where you can discuss investment topics with experts and other members. We are also constantly expanding our in-depth coverage of key investing topics in the articles section.

    Part of our strategy to build InvestEd into the most comprehensive investor education website and community in Australia, is to grow the membership significantly and create a dynamic and involving environment where discussion and learning can occur.

    In part, we will achieve this growth by relying on corporate membership and advertising / sponsorship revenue to cover our costs, which now allows us to offer FREE personal membership and also significantly increase the amount of content that is freely available to all users.

    We will continue to provide many more free resources to members in the future and will also be expanding the range of content available to our members by introducing some premium content and products, which will be purchasable from our soon-to-be-launched online store.

    We also hope you like our new logo too. Our inspiration was the colour of money!

    So what happens now? If you are not yet a member, please sign up for a free personal account and get involved in the community. We'd love to have you join in and offer your points of view on topics such as: portfolio construction; structuring; financial planning; asset cycles; outperforming an index; real estate transactions; and so much more!

    If you already are a member – thanks! Without your support we would not have a site! We would like to thank all our existing members who have helped us get off to such a great start. The discussions are fantastic, and your feedback and suggestions have been extremely valuable - I only wish we had more time to implement everything we would like to be doing!

    Thanks, and welcome to the new InvestEd.

    Simon Hampel (Sim')
    Managing Director
    Investor Education Pty Ltd (InvestEd)
    Teaching Australians to Invest

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