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Another investment opportunity !!!

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by Tropo, 11th Sep, 2007.

  1. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
    Bad news for punters...hahahaha...:p:D:eek:

    Bets Suspended On Aussie Vote; PM Support Wavers

    "0326 GMT [Dow Jones] Election betting specialist Lasseters suspends betting on Australia's general election as speculation surrounds future of PM Howard; prior to betting freeze, ruling Liberal-National coalition had drifted to A$2.75 from A$2.60, while opposition Labor firmed to pay A$1.45 from A$1.50. "If the PM is to get the tap on the shoulder (to step aside) then (opposition leader) Rudd may as well get his keys cut for the Lodge (official PM residence)," says Lasseters' Gerard Duffy; "where there's smoke there's fire and we aren't prepared to get burnt in the process."
    Adds will re-open betting once coalition leadership issue resolved."
  2. Mark Laszczuk

    Mark Laszczuk Well-Known Member

    16th Aug, 2005
    LOL, I guess they aren't going to open betting again anytime soon, haahhaa.

    I heard on the news this morning that Howard said he's going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the leadership. Which is a good thing, because he's a dunce and he's only making Rudd's fight for the top job that much easier. Not that I'm really a fan of Rudd, but anyone is better than that.... guy.