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Another study advice query

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by C3PO, 28th Feb, 2008.

  1. C3PO

    C3PO Well-Known Member

    28th Feb, 2008
    Adelaide, SA
    Hi everyone -- hoping that some of you will share your thoughts/advice on the following problem:

    - I enrolled in the Finsia Grad Dip in Applied Finance back in 2004, after returning to Adelaide after a long stint overseas in the physical commodities industry
    - For many & varied reasons (house renovation/travel/new baby) as well as the steep learning curve in some areas, I could only manage the study really slowly.
    - So far I've only completed 3 of 8 subjects, and am enrolled in a fourth this semester.
    - Normally 4 subjects gets you Graduate Certificate, but Finsia/Kaplan won't let me graduate with this because I have taken longer than the prescribed 3-year limit to finish the 4 subjects
    - Finsia will let me complete the Grad Dip, but I would have to finish 4 more subjects during the next semester to get a Finsia Grad Dip, OR
    - 4 more subjects over in the next 2 semesters for a Kaplan Grad Dip (this would still be tough for me to manage), but I did read that the Kaplan Grad Dip is not on the ASIC register - does this mean that the original Grad Dip course has lost a little of its value in terms of industry recognition?

    Basically I am interested to know is if there is any other postgrad educator of similar standing that might give me credit for the subjects I have completed and either (a) let me continue to study on at my own pace [ok maybe a bit faster], or (b) allow me to graduate with some sort of Postgrad qualification

    I’m also interested to learn what sort of professional opportunities this kind of qualification opens up for me anyway. I’m a 35yo stay at home dad who trades futures with my own funds (when my 17mth old son lets me) in the commodity that is my area of expertise.

    Originally the idea of doing the Grad Dip was that it might give me a bit more of a formal background to support what I am already doing anyway – to learn some interesting stuff and perhaps widen my appeal to prospective employers.

    But I am now beginning to think that I might be better off forgetting the Grad Dip altogether and just aiming for PS/RG146 compliance, which might permit me to start building a client base with which to share my commodity experience. I’m really not sure how feasibile/professional this is.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?
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  2. AsxBroker

    AsxBroker Well-Known Member

    8th Sep, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi C3PO,

    I had to extend my GDAPI due to adding in a degree in between. FinSIA gave me an additional semester to do the extra subject on the standard five years (for the GD not GC).

    With the transition from FinSIA education to Kaplan education it makes things a little tricky, albeit, maybe even an advantage for you? Does Kaplan have any time limit for transitioning students?

    Depending on how many subjects you can take on you may be able to do your next four in semester 2 and summer school.

    I'm guessing you've completed C1, C2 and C3 and now on your electives. Try and stick to subjects you know (maybe the trading subjects, eg, options, futures, fx?). Also Global Markets is a very easy subject and no maths!

    For the advising on commodities, you would have to be an Authorised Representative of a Licensee who is allowed to advise on commodities, these are usually the Investment Banks and Futures traders.

    There are a few jobs out there for grain traders as apparently grains are in high demand at the moment (not sure if that's your commodity of expertise though).

    Let me know how you go :)

  3. C3PO

    C3PO Well-Known Member

    28th Feb, 2008
    Adelaide, SA
    Thanks for yr advice & comments greatly appreciated.

    Kaplan does have a time limit for transitioning students, i.e. if you want a Finsia qualification you have to finish by Semester 2 this year. So that means if I continue I'll definitely finish up with a Kaplan qualification.

    So far I have done C1/C2/C3 and currently doing the Futures elective. Global Markets is Semester 1 only so sadly I just missed it, but if they let me extend then I'll definitely go for it.

    If I go ahead, next I plan to do:
    156 - Financial & Investment Products
    157 - Financial Planning Skills 1

    the latter (plus C1 and the Futures elective will get me PS/RG146 I think)

    provided these go OK then there's just 2 more subjects to go, maybe Foreign Exchange Markets & Trading / Mergers & Acquisitions / Global Markets

    Here's hoping Kaplan will look sympathetically upon chronic sleep deprivation as a reason for giving an extension --- will keep u posted