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Trading ARH: Postmrterm of ResourceHouse IPO cancellation

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 6th Jun, 2011.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    ARH: Postmortem of ResourceHouse IPO cancellation

    Resource IPO was cancelled again and it was very understandable that all around it are very disappointed. Why not?

    It is a not good news. However is it abnormal in the market? In the bad days, everything would be discounted if you really want to sell. Clive Palmer is not a exception too without matter how rich he is. However you could not help appreciating he could pull the plug on the IPO even you may wonder the reasons why. In business sense, it is obvious that you should not sell your assets and product on fire, if you don't need to do so. He seemed very confident about China's economy even all of the market worry the tip off. Do you believe he is right? I don't believe he would be 100% right but should be very likely he is right. A 14 billion population without burning all in the GFC should have more chances to land softly since we have so strong and high wall of the worries.

    ARH price would follow the fads and waves of the market up/down. I just hope it could hold its current price into next financial year. People's mood could be changed very quickly if a IPO could be cancelled so easily for Clive.

    I will follow my road map to next financial year and let the storm hit all in this month and get all of bubbles out of the Aussie market. Do wonder if you could trade $1 cash note from the market, you bought at $0.5 for the discount, but market priced it at $0.30? All of bargain hunters who bought at $0.5 could be very fearful since they have lost 80% around. What you should do? Stop losses and run away? In the fear and cheer market would be never rational. Yes, you could worry more how long the selling could last; could you buy at $0.10 or $0.01, and so on.

    I choose to worry about whether or not my cash flow is healthy and whether or not I could buy anything at the lowest price only even the chances to buy at lowest could not be more than the percentage as I hoped sometimes since it is highly subjective. The discount could be self reinforced without matter how we calculate the fundamental and so if no discount happen, we need the gut to know and trust the value if we are rational, logic, and intelligent!
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