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Art Investments

Discussion in 'Investing Strategies' started by ashton, 24th Jun, 2006.

  1. ashton

    ashton Member

    24th Jun, 2006
    Brisbane, QLD

    Have you ever thought about investing in art?

    I certainly hadn't until about 3 years ago when a friend informed me of some very high returns he had made on a number of artworks.

    This got my juices going and i began investing. Since then i have turned over hundreds of art pieces and opened up an online art gallery, targeting investors.

    Enough about the gallery before i get picked up on for spam.

    Without a word of a lie, i have experienced very profitable returns on short term art investments. Probably the largest profits i have experienced have been Pro Hart originals that i picked up prior to his passing in March this year. The smallest return i recieved on the paintings was 80% and the largest 120%... These paintings were honestly turned over within 2 weeks of purchase.

    Obviously you can expect enormous profits like that every day of the week, however the australian art market is constantly on the move and i, or should i now say 'we' have expanded into a number of other artists that provide very stable returns. Surprizingly you don't need alot of money to start out, and lets face it, not many investments boast the ability to enhance your home or office whilst appreciating in value.

    A number of artist worth looking at are; Pro Hart, Darcy Doyle, Kevin Best, Robyn Collier, Howard Steer, Colin Parker, John Bell, etc.

    Feel free to post your replies,
  2. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005
    An Art

    If you are interested in art - please see picture of bronze violin in gallery.
    It is made by ARMAN (he just passed away).
    He made 99 of those....(what you see is no. 53).
    Price = 16 000 Euro.
    Place to buy = St. Paul de Vence (France).