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As soon as he participates in the diving is only for sees Legge's elegant demeanor

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by shanxia112, 7th Jan, 2012.

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    7th Jan, 2012
    The lie doggo, he reminds Legge once more, looked that on God's share, must certainly be careful. Si Kitts leaves the wheelhouse, climbs down the steep white wooden ladder, returned to the wharf, then has gotten on own fishing boat. After sunglasses online australia Si Kitts walks, Legge has stood dull good, a hand is taking the fountain pen, another hand closely is gripping that paper napkin. Has wanted a cup of golden guest he to the terrorist bar, then in another paper napkin General Si Kitts's digital conversion code. Legge is putting a number calligraphy book in the seeker number, but these digit are well known, if wants steals, the bitch raises. He places the important thing in the wallet. You might kill Legge to steal away his wallet, but did not have the code, these digit were meaningless, but Legge will die will not tell the code others. He folds this new paper napkin puts to the wallet, was like this safe. Afterward, he gives John · Chatterton to telephone. If Legge once saw his shadow on any person of body, then this person certainly is John · Chatterton. This is the big handsome 40 year old of commercial diver, is speaking with a strong Long Island accent, this time most important sunken wreck dives him to participation. Daytime, Chatterton wears the copper system safety helmet around Manhattan, takes the flashlight to be engaged in the construction work under water. armani australia Weekend, he plans in the eastern part seacoast carries on some to have the creativity, the bold sunken wreck exploration activity. When Legge looks when Chatterton's eye, he saw as if on the same year body's glory glittered in his eye. in 1987 they were acquainted with one another in the seeker number. That day Chatterton to the place not anything special interest which must explore.

    As soon as he participates in the diving is only for sees Legge's elegant demeanor, Legge has been this line of myth. Soon, some people rent the seeker number to the Texas commander's cupola exploration, Chatterton go along with the ship. The Texas commander's cupola is located at outside the coastline 60 mile place worn out air force radar stations. In a 1961 storm, the commander's cupola collapsed, the staff were killed. Its base exchanges 90 degrees in 200 feet seabeds, except most skilled dives supernumerary official, anybody d&g sunglasses must dive there to have the high risk. But the tower crown located at the submarine 85 feet, to this line of all diver is a security, the appropriate depth. Participates in this diving a diver is proud. But because he truly is outstanding, when therefore he proposed that must dive when the tower base goes, nobody felt that has anything to be improper. But the very quick sunken wreck dives the most classical story to perform once more. This person insists on wants to open a copper window, although he carries the oxygen is insufficient, but he still strove but is, finally is drown to death in the seabed. In this depth's seabed, accident's occurrence is often quick lets the human be unexpected. The corpse has kept the dangerous seabed, must some people go the corpse to salvage, this is Legge's work. Usually dives in the sea from him or his assistant.

    But that day they dior sunglasses exactly just dived the water, after must wait till the body restores, can return to once more water, but this process needs for several hours. Chatterton volunteers for military service on own initiative. But is very easy to the seabed not familiar diver to lose the direction, is also again unable to return to the seeker number. Considers this point, Legge to inquire whether Chatterton did understand area this suffers injury terrain. It is not understood very much, but I must go, Chatterton replies. Legge by his reply deep move. After Chatterton dives the Texas commander's cupola base, started his search. Very quick he had discovered the corpse to a deceased person, this appearance is attractive, Chatterton mused. He ties up the corpse on air bottle to one 200 pounds lifts heavy objects wraps, then for lifts heavy objects a package of gasification, afterward the corpse starts to the water surface rise. Provides against contingencies, he uses a volume rope is connected the corpse and the sunken wreck, if like this has any cheap sunglasses online accident to occur, but might also follow the rope to find the corpse. Accident real occurrence. In the rise process, the hydraulic pressure which reduces rapidly causes on the corpse body's diver's suit's air expansion, has performed a Miqilin tire baby's death version. After the corpse emerges the water surface, very rough seas will lift heavy objects a package of wrecking, the corpse once more sink the seabed. By now the curtain of night already started to arrive, submerged the seabed too to be dangerous again.