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Asian Masters Fund (AUF)

Discussion in 'Listed Investment Companies (LIC) and Trusts (LIT)' started by austing, 30th Sep, 2016.

  1. austing

    austing Well-Known Member

    5th Jun, 2006
    IIR Research Report:

    Biggest issue not really highlighted is the fee on fees which is a problem with Fund of Funds except for the unique arrangement with FGX / G. A very quick calculation from the latest Annual Report determined the MER to be roughly around 1.7% but please check.

    A cash cow no doubt for the Dixon Advisory group who collect the fees both direct and indirectly through directorship. I assume many of the group's client are advised to invest in the entire range of "Masters" LICs.

    Latest NTA Report:

    Trying to give this new forum a bit of a kick along but not sure the interest is here. I've done my best but given the time and energy involved I will leave it to others now to see if they are motivated enough to keep things going in the LIC section here.
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  2. twisted strategies

    twisted strategies Well-Known Member

    3rd Nov, 2013
    the poor ( retail ) investor , is caught in a bad place here

    the Asian property trusts show how expectations can be disappointed ,

    very hard to find suitable investment research ( or targets )

    an ETF or almost blind trust or avoid Asia are the most likely choices , and yet Asia ( including India ) is the best investment prospects .

    certainly the fees ( and possibilty fees will escalate) are a big worry

    i have tried more direct exposure to Asia , but it is very hard tto assess risk