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ASX Investment Video – Karl Siegling ‘The Investor’s Dilemma’

Discussion in 'Listed Investment Companies (LIC) and Trusts (LIT)' started by twisted strategies, 6th Oct, 2017.

  1. twisted strategies

    twisted strategies Well-Known Member

    3rd Nov, 2013
    ASX Investment Video - Karl Siegling 'The Investor's Dilemma' — Cadence Capital Limited (ASX:CDM)

    ( i hold CDM ... a top ten holding )

    i hold this LIC as a counter-balance to my investing
    when CDM and i hold the same shares we use opposite techniques ( i buy into the dip and sell into the rally at sensible profit intervals )

    using MQG as an example i bought heavily into MQG as it slide in 2011 ( to $20 a share ) and after the SYD divestment started to reduce but MQG ( at NO cash risk ) is still my second largest holding ( with a little help from the DRP plan )

    MLB i bought in ( earlier than CDM ) when CDM saw the 'new direction as a game changer and bought more , i saw the opposite and exited with a satisfying profit

    BUT CDM would have to make some seriously bad moves before i exited them

    ( DYOR )