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Trading Aussies feel poorer!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 24th Oct, 2011.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    It was said that "850,000 households in Australia, after paying housing costs, are “at risk of financial hardship and poverty.” Too many were in housing stress and the stress extended also to renters.

    "The grim assessment of housing wealth comes after decades of home price increases that have pushed the median dwelling price in Australia to 6.5 times the median household disposable income, more than double the three times that is considered affordable." It seemed that no too many Aussies dared to buy when the house prices are ridiculous cheap and have to cry after the demand has overwhelmed the supply. The society doesn't question why the imbalance of demand and supply happened but seemed want to go the least effort way: we need to fix the inequality!

    It was said the shortage of affordable housing in Australia, and availability of loans, helped underpin the dramatic rise in prices over the past two decades. But no one would like to say Aussie spent too much on the loans for entertainment in last two decades. When Aussies talk about Greece they are very conscious but when they talk about their own problems, they tend to blame others and societies. Why do you drive a $50,000 new car with debt? Few like to question for their own upset!

    It was said the poor affordability, coupled with interest rate uncertainty and an aversion to debt in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, have kept a lid on the sales of new homes, constraining the construction as well as the banking sector. There is a shortage of 150,000 homes in Australia, with predictions this increase if no steps are taken to improve affordability.

    I do wonder why a couple with income more than $100,000 per year could not afford their first new home house at $400.000 if and only if they want to get their own houses. I do wonder a cleaner could get $22 per hour and some of Aussies just don't want to pick up a spade. I wonder if you could not buy a new house buy you still could buy a $200,000 flat in Perth at least. Too many Aussies don't want to contribute for their own houses and stresses but prefer to be equal to get help from CentraLink for easy life.

    Some of my friends just advise me to sell all and spend all first and then come back to CentraLink for equality with the hard workers. No system could correct the people's craziness when each of them just is a little bit crazy to get their budget right.

    Aussies and the people in Western World have been in the communism heaven for quite long time. What's communism heaven? Beef + potato even no home house to be owned! Is it true? At least the fundamental communism said so!

    I want to get a spade but I just could not put me in full for the spade. I still have a room to be lazy for the spade. Are all of us the same and if we don't need or don't want to work hard we just don't work!

    I do wonder if I could work as an Engineer in office and work as cleaners in the evening again as I did to pay off my home house in the first two years after I bought three houses at the same year with all of the money borrowed under the mortgage insurance.
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