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Bill Zheng

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by ActiveTrade, 7th Aug, 2008.

  1. ActiveTrade

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    5th Apr, 2008
    Anyone attending ?

    A final invitation to take urgent action!

    Dear xxx,

    If you are receiving this email from me, you belong to one or more of the following groups:

    1) a client who has settled a mortgage with Investors Direct; or
    2) an attendee of one of our previous Sydney seminars

    It is not hard to see that you are part of our core client base. You are one of the people who can make or break Investors Direct's business, so I would be stupid to keep hastling you if I didn't feel this message was not urgent and important.

    You have probably received a few invitations regarding our upcoming seminar in Sydney this Saturday (2 days away). I have tried to contact you (probably more than I would usually do) to deliver a very urgent and important message, but many people are still not fully aware of my intentions. This coming Saturday is our last stop - the Sydney event. So if you haven't registered by now, it is your very last chance to do so. I urge you to do so now. You will fully understand why on the day.

    On Saturday, I will show you:

    1) Where property prices are in relation to the fair value? So you will be able to predict what will happen next and take action accordingly...

    2) How much time do we have before we will be forced to make serious adjustment to our property portfolio and investment strategies due to global financial pressure? You will see detailed analysis and projection over the next few years, and you will be able to see it with your own eyes without me trying to convince you to make quick changes.

    3) A step by step guide on how you can analyze your current portfolio to balance the potential risk we're facing; as well as showing you how to devise your own master plan and its execution on entry and exit options in today's market.

    There are only 2 slides you would have seen in our April seminar, the entire day of content and information is newly created so that I can make your day more productive, 99% of what I presented in April won't be repeated as you can purchase the presentation on DVD.

    I have spent quite a few weeks to simplify the analysis and models to the point that everyone can understand and make their own decisions. The attendees in Brisbane and Melbourne in the last 2 weeks were glad that they made the time to attend. Many of them are already swinging into action.

    Just in case you haven't worked this out, if you decide to make any changes to your portfolio, it will easily take up to 2-3 months to get a sale and 2-3 months to settle, we are talking about a 6 months lag time, and our next round of events will be probably a few months away, and if you get this information then, your changes will only take place in March 2009. For some of you, this will be too risky in my opinion.

    So come and join me this Saturday if you can, I apologize for sending you more email invitations for this event in the last few weeks than I normally would. If I have any other ways to get your attention apart from picking up the phone and calling a few thousand people, I wouldn't have done it this way. I hope you understand, but please do not take my invitation as another sales pitch as you are very important to our business.

    If you would like to register please click here

    Yours sincerely,

    Bill Zheng
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    17th Aug, 2005