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Trading BKP: the resource in its resource report has been fully known!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 6th Dec, 2010.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    BKP released the resource report but it looks the market has fully known what's the resource should be in its hand.

    Now it could be said some big players have been accumulated the shares of BKP and get the position to wait for AEC to use the horizontal drilling and faccii for the unconventional oil.

    I moved into AZZ and SSN just when I read to found the Shale Gas and Oil turns to be hot and when I believed they touched the lowest price. However I didn't not sell them at the peak since I had too many unknown. At last I just tried very hard to hold and sold for 100% profit from AZZ and more than 5 baggers from SSN. Selling without a trustful intrinsic value should be the game for enoughness based on your risk appetite and analysis of the sentiment of the players around the shares you want to sell.

    The significant matter here it is the first time for minnows to use the techs in Australian land. If it is successful, the shocks to the market would be huge and some cakes could be hung on in the sky...

    It is still very risky but I do feel I have got a right risks at $0.005, which has made some margin of safety to wait! However, as a dirty-cheap fish collector, I have to admit that I failed to sense and judge its lowest price and paid too high since $0.005 means I paid more than 60% higher than the lowest price, $0.003.

    Next time if I buy I would put more efforts to sense the lowest price. We could not get all in their lowest price but we have to remind us we should try to pay the lowest price only. No belief about the lowest price No buying even we could pay much higher than the real lowest price. Buying is the input to produce our market products and we have to reduce the production costs!

    We should have the discipline, never break down our rules and principles, and follow and make better of the plan and guideline to buy, hold, and sell
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