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Brisbane - Any recomended financial planners?

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by tysoncl, 22nd Sep, 2009.

  1. tysoncl

    tysoncl New Member

    10th Sep, 2009
    toowong, qld

    im new to the brisbane area and am having trouble finding a good financial planner to help develop a good base structure and investment plan.

    I want to look into options of various business structures such as trusts/companies and how they would suit my goals

    Primary goals are long term growth and tax strategies (im in highest bracket)

    Evenly split between property/direct shares/funds. I currently have assets in all three and am comfortable with high gearing on all.

    Looking for an advisor not based on a commission fee structure that can advise in direct property - or recomend an associate.

    Can anyone on here reccommend a few various options in Brisbane that i can personally meet with and review their investment strategies?

  2. Dolfinwise

    Dolfinwise Well-Known Member

    30th Sep, 2009
    Investment Strategies

    Happy to share my views with you Tyson:

    1) Don't invest in anytrhing the Planner doesn't completely understand. Feel free to grill him onthe detail.
    2) Don't invest in anything you don't completely understand after the planner has explained it to you.

    Many people have permanently lost a lot of money in recent months due to consequences of the global downturn and usually it was due to fancy leveraged credit products or lack of liquidity.

    3) Diversify always.

    Too many eggs in the one basket is the reason most people suffer wealth creation disasters.

    4) Don't pay active funds mangers high fees for index like performance.
    5) Understand every layer of fees you are paying.

    Fees hurt long term investment returns. Make sure the planner you choose is on your side when it comes to minimising fees.

    6) Determine your longer term goals before deciding on the investment strategy

    Good luck

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