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Trading BRO: Anyway have got 1,500,000 at $0.003

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 10th Jun, 2011.

  1. wdongli

    wdongli Well-Known Member

    31st Mar, 2010
    What's the meaning of discipline? You have to do something if it has to be done without matter how hard and uncertain!

    What's the meaning of organized market playing? You have to buy something to reduce the costs by following a road map you trust and fine-tune your skill to follow the road map and try to get the better results.

    What's the meaning of self-reliant attitude and style? You have to be responsible for what you do so that you could not overdone. You have to get your own insight which should be completely different or partially different from the views of the market as a whole.

    What's the meaning of analytical mind? You could not react but response to the dynamic market. You should not burn the money on the fire. You should not make easy decision and change your mind in a arbitrary way, such as buying and selling at the same days or weeks. If you change your mind too quick it simply tells you are not analytical type!

    All above are easy saying but hard to follow. I always try to buy lowest but most of time I could not. We are human and then we could make errors as human. However it is not problems if we make mistake but don't let it drop us into the sinks.

    Very happy to get BRO after I had waited for it at this price for more than 2 years. Feel very sad but just every time when I thought I failed to get the lowest price. I believe a lot of its shareholders have been shocked painfully. No shock with the pain no good market players. Since too many would be shocked out, which usually is not highly probable, the probability scale could tilt to move up theoretically and statistically.

    Don't expect it could be a beanstock which would give everyone the gold coin and hen to lay out gold bar but if some surprises drive it to $0.03 in next financial year, I would be very happy!