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BT Private Portfolio Management

Discussion in 'Investing Strategies' started by chinesewombat, 28th Jan, 2010.

  1. chinesewombat

    chinesewombat Miss

    30th Jun, 2009
    Does anyone in this forum has experience with the BT Private Portfolio?

    I have recently been informed by my FP that my current BT portfolio is unable to serve my australian "Non-Residence" status, thus is required to move from the Managed Funds (Wrap) and Australian Shares Portfolio into a Private Portfolio.

    The Private Portfolio charges a management fees of 1.65% :)confused:_ a tad high in my opinion). MER from the Managed Funds will be reimbursed, but for the Australian Shares this meant in increase from a previous 1.15% to the new 1.65% rate.

    In addition, there is an advisor fee associated with the portfolio. Previously with the Australian Shares Portfolio, I have the option of not paying the Advisor Fees since it is discretionary account, which means that it act on my behalf in the buying and selling of shares to maximize return over the medium to long term. (or so I thought:eek:).

    I would greatly appreciate advise on this matter, as I am unfamiliar with Private Portfolios and fees associated with it.