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Building/landlord Insurance

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Mark88, 26th Mar, 2012.

  1. Mark88

    Mark88 Active Member

    7th Feb, 2010
    Sydney, NSW
    I bought my first home in Blacktown approximately 4 months ago and plan to rent it out in about 2-3 months time.

    I am really confused about building and landlord insurance and unsure as to who pays in certain events. I currently have the building insurance with NRMA and plan to keep that as well as adding in landlord insurance (probably with EBM as this was recommended by most real estate agents), my question:

    Let's say for whatever reason that the tenant decides to burn the house down or cause severe malicious damage to the property - the NRMA PDS says 'Not covered:
    if the fire was started with the intention to
    cause damage by:
    - you or someone who lives in your
    home — for example, a tenant, or'

    Also, EBM landlord insurance will only cover $50 000 of building costs for malicious damage ...obviously not enough to rebuild a burnt down house.

    What are other landlords doing to overcome this issue? Any other companies that cover malicious damage/fire caused by a tenant?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Jamie M

    Jamie M Mortgage Broker

    8th Apr, 2012
    Hi Mark

    I know I'm stating the obvious but you should really get in touch with your insurer and have these questions clarified.

    Besides, a response from members of an internet forum on such an issue doesn't replace advice from the actual insurer.