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Buying a domain name to sell

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Pipariel, 6th Feb, 2010.

  1. Pipariel

    Pipariel New Member

    6th Feb, 2010
    Sydney, NSW
    Perhaps someone has experience with this?

    I have thought of a domain name which is available and which I hope to be able to onsell to one of two businesses which I know would be interested in securing it at some point in the near future. However, domain names can only be purchased by businesses with an ABN and I don't have one.

    I could make up a business name and apply for an ABN but how do I go about this when I don't really intend to operate it as a business - I just need an ABN to get the domain name registered?
  2. Crusher

    Crusher Well-Known Member

    11th Jul, 2008
    Newcastle, NSW
    In my experience, you don't need an ABN to buy a .com or .net etc.. only a

    Even a is only worth about $30 a year or so, maybe not even that? So, i don't know how much you plan to profit from this idea, and even though an ABN is free, I would imagine there would be some complications from this idea that might not pay off.
  3. Chris C

    Chris C Well-Known Member

    2nd Apr, 2008
    Brisbane, QLD
    There are quite a few laws around buying Australian domain names.

    You do need an ABN to by them, but I have friends that have had no trouble setting up ABN's and buying Australian domain names, though they all purchased domains and use them for websites which engaged in some small element of business.

    That said, I'm not quite sure if you are allowed to get an ABN if you don't at least intend to engage in business. Though I'm not sure, you'd probably find more info on the government sites:
    ABR - Home Page

    That said I'm almost certain you can't just buy Australian domain names for the purpose of reselling them. And you can't engage in cyber squatting.

    There are also a number of trademark issues - so when you say you know a domain that is available that specific businesses would be interested in buying you need to make sure they don't have trademarked terms in them. So for example a GREAT domain name that is available to buy and in my opinion is worth a mint just as a domain name - - however given that it has the term "visa" in it means you can't buy it because it's a trademarked term.

    That said I recommend checking out:


    for more info on domain name laws. Feel free to private message me more details about the domain you plan to buy and I'd be happy to give some more specific thoughts.
  4. Waimate01

    Waimate01 Well-Known Member

    26th May, 2008
    Note you do not need an ABN. In my experience, simply registering a business name will do the job. The dreaded tax man hands out ABNs, but the friendly people at fair trading hand out business name registrations. Quite a different thing, and really not painful at all.