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Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by cadillacs, 21st Oct, 2012.

  1. cadillacs

    cadillacs New Member

    20th Oct, 2012
    I have two Gold Coast investment units in my SMSF, now that i am 70 i would like to use one at times for myself. I understand that i can for repairs etc and IF there is no detriment to the fund. I take this to mean, if i paid the market price to the Fund to stay there it would be allowed? Is this right?
    I am the only member, my money paid for these units,for my retirement and yet i have read that if i wanted to live in one i would have to take it out of the fund name and put it in my name?? I paid $11000 stamp duty to buy each, why would i need to do this again when i already own them/paid for them myself. If the Superfund is for MY retirement, now that i am 70 i would think i should be able to stay in one without any worry??
    This seems to be veeerrry deep!
    Any advice is appreciated BK