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Can anyone suggest good property manager in Perth?

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by K_veg, 17th Jun, 2011.

  1. K_veg

    K_veg Active Member

    24th Jan, 2011
    Milan, MI
    I settle in a few weeks, and want an agent that won't rip me off. The investment property is very close to where I live so I can do a lot of things myself, just need an agent to collect the rent. All agents seem to charge 8.3% of the rental + GST - this seems so high!!

    Anyone know of an agent that is cheaper?

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  2. GunnerGuy

    GunnerGuy Index & Property Investor

    26th Sep, 2008
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Agent in Perth - Recommendation.


    This is a dilemma for property investors. I have rented several properties in Perth for 10 years now. I had one property manager for 9 years. The first 5 were great, not because of the company but because of the actual property manager that managed my properties was great. She was great especially as the properties were quite old and had relatively common occurrance of maintenance requirements. The last 4 years were a gradual nightmare as the manager moved but I stayed with the company. The new manager was good for a couple of years but then the service declined more and more and more. I was to find out that she was looking after over 120 properties herself. How the hell can you managed 120 properties as an individual and do a good service. By the end she told me about the company and the problems .... and that she was leaving in 6 weeks due to the companies incompetence in running the business. With this I decided to leave them. They are a very large and well known property management company (that also do sales), Their office is in Leaderville and I would not want my worst enemy to use them - Property People.

    I moved to Property Conection WA in December last year. A small company located in Floreat who have been running for about 3-4 years. A great office location in Floreat Forum. I know the Owner/Licensee/Manager having bought one of my properties from him 15 years ago when he was a sales agent with a larger real estate company. I kept in contact with him occasionally over the last 10 years when I continued to buy other investment propertie, but not through him. My properties are in Wembley Downs and Karrinyup.

    David Hedges is the Manager and I would recommend him to anyone nd everyone that has investment properties. He has a profile on his website. Talking about going the extra mile !!!! I am living in Malaysia and he made an amazing amount of effort to get my proerties tidied up, and prepared for new tennants. Not only by getting trademen in to do some work but actually visiting my property several times in December and january to ensure gardens were in good condition, and even spent time refilling the pool and buying stuff from himself and fixing a few things rather than getting a $100 tradesman to fix something easy.

    A very experienced individual, honest, great character, level headed (which is needed when you are pulling your hair out due to tennants, maintenance, and living abroad). I have been with him 6 months and every thing has been great.

    Some would say that 6 months is not enough to judge an agent. I fully agree. I have known David for 10 years. Even when he was not my property agent I would call him and get advice about rental prices, property prices, and other property management FAQ's as my agent before was just not doing the right stuff. The fees he charges are below the numbers you quote, and the value I gain is huge. I know that I, yes me, will be increasing his property management charges later this year when I renew the management contract.

    Professional, mature, honest and reliable and works at weekends or whenever the need occurs.

    The website is: Welcome To Property Connection WA

    ..... no I do not work for him, or get commission, just very satisfied and take pleasure in recommending him.

    Even if you are unsure at least look at the website, which could be better, send him an email or phone him. It wont cost you anything to talk and/or meet with him. Just remember to tell him that "Joe from Malaysia " recommended him.