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Career change from Accountant to Fin Planner

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by K_veg, 24th Jan, 2011.

  1. K_veg

    K_veg Active Member

    24th Jan, 2011
    Milan, MI
    Hi all... I'm a 30 year old Chartered Accountant in Melbourne. I've been doing Management Accounting for about 8 years... I'm happy with the salary, but the work is so unrewarding and boooooring. Just wondering if there are any accountants out there who have made the transition to financial planning? I'm on about $90k + super at the moment, and realise I'd have to take a massive pay cut initially. Just wondering whether having Accounting qualification would be looked upon favourably by the industry, and how long it would take to get back to my current income levels?

    No matter what, I'm going to enrol in the Kaplan DFS this week... even if it's just to help manage my personal finances, and it looks like even an admin job in Financial Planning requires RG146 compliance.

    Would love to hear from any Accountants turned financial planners out there!!
  2. Joel_Ganino

    Joel_Ganino New Member

    1st Feb, 2011
    Melbourne, VIC
    Hi K_Veg.
    I am a Financial Planner and long term it is a very rewarding career. I started out studying accountancy and knew it wouldn't be for me. I wanted to work dealing with people and always had a passion for personal finance. Detailed tax work and number crunching werent for me. Your backround will asssit you greatly.
    A genuine care for people is required as well as a thick hide to be able to work through a lot of professional jibes about our professional.