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Career develop:Do I need CFA chapter if I’ve already got master and bachelor degree in Finance

Discussion in 'Networking & Meetups' started by Eason, 16th Feb, 2019.


Career develop: Do I need CFA charter if I’ve already got master and bachelor degree in Finance

  1. CFA and master finance are different stuff, definitely worth it

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  2. CFA and master finance are highly overlapped, pursue both will be redundant

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  1. Eason

    Eason New Member

    16th Feb, 2019
    Australia: do I need cfa designation if I’ve already got my 2years master of Finance degree from the university of Melbourne?

    As I’ve mentioned above, I feel like in Australia employers don’t really value master degrees much but experiences.

    However, as I’ve already got the master degree in finance. And 70% of the knowledge and concepts are overlap with cfa whole 3 level materials.

    Below are my questions:

    1 Does cfa designation really gonna help me for my future development if I’ve already got my master of Finance?

    2 How do employers value master of finance degree compared with CFA designation in Australia?

    3 Some one told me CFA is cheaper version of master finance( which I don’t agree at all). Some one said CFA keep your knowledge up to date and showing your commitment and interest in finance while you working at same time. What do u think?

    4 what’s other benefits for getting CFA Designation?

    kind Regards
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