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Case study 1 (risk management kaplan) Help needed, please.

Discussion in 'Financial Planning Study Group' started by Steanie, 8th Mar, 2010.

  1. Steanie

    Steanie Member

    5th Mar, 2010
    Hi im currently starting case study 1 and am having trouble a couple of things. Is Anyone who has passed this case study willing to help me please?
    I have some questions...

    1. did anyone include Simone's bonus's in her total income?
    2. im not sure on what to do with the 10% equity stake that she was offered for $300,000 in which she borrowed the full amount to buy shares But still owes $250,000 on her original loan. what this put any where in the CIMER plan?

    For life insurance i have added - Trauma insurance as she already has income protection, term and TPD cover

    General insurance- car insurance, i think maybe i should add home and contents.

    is there anything that i have missed?

    thanks in advance

    any help will be greatly appreciated, steanie
  2. A21

    A21 New Member

    20th Oct, 2010
    Case Study 1 Risk Management

    Hi there .............I ve just fnshd with case study one ............I think while considering Simone's 10 % stake ............we should be concentrating on the debt which she still owes.

    But I'm not sure if we do have to consider any insurance plan for her husband ??

    Any suggestions ??