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Charting help needed

Discussion in 'Managed Funds & Index Funds' started by islandgirl, 19th Jan, 2007.

  1. islandgirl

    islandgirl Well-Known Member

    18th Sep, 2006
    Middle of beautiful Moreton Bay, Qld
    OK please be tolerant of a beginner. I have selected my short list of funds I am researching. CFS are great - I can download all the historial price data and dividend information easily. I wish every fund manager was the same.

    To compare properly I need historial price data from Vanguard however there sites only give me the past 2 or 3 years. How do I get historical data. I need in either excel or .csv format.

    Also I notice from the various charts etc that have been posted on site that you are using the ASX200 as a benchmark. Can you please clarify this for me. Do you use the ASX200 for all your funds all is it just for Australian shares. Also where do I download the historical data from. I can only find current stuff and its driving me nuts with frustration.

    Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. I've found the charts I have done on the CFS funds to be great as I'm now able to more accurately compare results and see unit price variances and movements. I just need to be able to get the same info from the other funds to compare
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