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Choosing a super fund

Discussion in 'Superannuation, SMSF & Personal Insurance' started by gedditoffme, 13th Jun, 2008.

  1. gedditoffme

    gedditoffme New Member

    12th Jun, 2008
    Adelaide, SA
    Hey all,
    I am 21 years old, moving into my first full-time job (been working here part time for a few months). My workplace's super fund is AMP.

    I really don't have a clue what to do. I'm pretty sure I should be working out if AMP is in fact the best super fund for me (and if so, collect together all my 'dead' super funds), but I don't really know how to compare them.

    Honestly, some of their fees seem high, but then they seem to be standard. Stuff like wanting 1% of your money every year :S

    That probably sounds pretty stupid, but what are the best ways to pick a super fund? Is AMPs any good (I haven't been able to log in to check my account yet, nor find any worthwhile information about it)? Are the fees the only thing worth comparing, or is there another way I can pick a good one too?
  2. Simon Hampel

    Simon Hampel Co-founder Staff Member

    9th Jun, 2005
    Sydney, Australia