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Company Suffixes: Nominees, Holdings, Investments, Corporation etc

Discussion in 'Accounting, Tax & Legal' started by togaf, 9th May, 2011.

  1. togaf

    togaf New Member

    10th Sep, 2006
    Seeking guidance on the naming of a corporate trustee (pty ltd) as trustee for a discretionary/family trust.

    Preferred pty ltd name has been registered, so seeking to add something at end of preferred company name eg. XYZ Holdings, Nominees, Corporation for acceptable ASIC registration.

    Whilst I understand these names don't mean anything formally, welcome guidance on general meaning. Assume small business is to be run through structure.

    Also if XYX pty ltd is already registered, what risks does one run registering XYZ Holdings etc (trademarking, differentiation) etc? How does one go about resolving these risks before landing on a company name?