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Confused about the US Stimulus Bill?

Discussion in 'The Economy' started by carlosreynolds, 5th Mar, 2009.

  1. carlosreynolds

    carlosreynolds Active Member

    11th Jun, 2008
    Shortly after class, an economics student approached his economics
    professor and said, "I don't understand this stimulus bill. Can you
    explain it to me?"
    The professor replied, "I don't have any time to explain it at my office,
    but if you come over to my house on Saturday and help me with my weekend project, I'll be glad to explain it to you." The student agreed.

    At the agreed-upon time, the student showed up at the professor's house.
    The professor stated that the weekend project involved his backyard pool. They both went out the back to the pool, and the professor handed the student a bucket. Demonstrating with his own bucket, the professor said, "First, go over to the deep end, and fill your bucket with as much water as you can."

    The student did as he was instructed. The professor then continued,
    "Follow me over to the shallow end, and then dump all the water from your
    bucket into it."

    The student was naturally confused, but did as he was told. The professor
    then explained they were going to do this many more times, and began
    walking back to the deep end of the pool. The confused student asked,
    "Excuse me, but why are we doing this?"

    The professor matter-of-factly stated that he was trying to make the
    shallow end much deeper. The student didn't think the economics professor
    was serious, but figured that he would find out the real story soon enough.

    However, after the 6th trip between the shallow end and the deep end, the
    student began to become worried that his economics professor had gone mad.

    The student finally replied, "All we're doing is wasting valuable time
    and effort on unproductive pursuits. Even worse, when this process is all
    over, everything will be at the same level it was before, so all you'll
    really have accomplished is the destruction of what could have been truly
    productive action!"

    The professor put down his bucket and replied with a smile,
    "Congratulations. You now understand the stimulus bill"
  2. Chris C

    Chris C Well-Known Member

    2nd Apr, 2008
    Brisbane, QLD
    LMAO! I probably shouldn't laugh too hard, it's actually quite disturbing.

    You can't borrow your way out of debt; you can't spend your way to prosperity; and you can't print your way to wealth.

    One day simple logic will reign in the system once again... I just fear that I'm going to have to listen to politicians and pundits' half assed "solutions" for a few more months/years yet before the penny drops.
  3. AsxBroker

    AsxBroker Well-Known Member

    8th Sep, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    Disturbing but unfortunately true... :(
  4. bigbuddha

    bigbuddha Well-Known Member

    17th Jan, 2007
    Brisbane, QLD
    You make alot of sense ChrisC.