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Confusion reigns

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by TMWFYB, 27th Apr, 2012.


    TMWFYB New Member

    27th Apr, 2012
    Hello. A brief history.
    I have been medically discharged from the Police Force and have received a Partial Disability lump sum payment 3 yrs ago. Due to my injury I have met the criteria for a TPD (total and permanent disability). This has been supported by doctors on both sides of the claim. The claim was made in June 2010 and has now taken almost 2 years with no result.
    I have called numerous times and I have been informed that the matter is under review.
    Firstly by First State Super, then handed onto Metlife Insurance, then the file returned to First State Super who have sent it to the trustee for evaluation.

    I am informed that I will be provided with a package containing all the relevant information they will rely upon for their decision, forward it to me for comment and then make a decision in relation to the claim,
    I am seeking advice from anybody who has experienced this circumstance, who may indicate their experiences, successes or failures.