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Crime on Friday Nights in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Norak Bastiat, 7th Mar, 2010.

  1. Norak Bastiat

    Norak Bastiat Well-Known Member

    16th Sep, 2007
    After work on a Friday I sometimes have drinks or dinner with coworkers. I commute to the Melbourne CBD via train. I park my car at the train station.

    The news has been reporting stories of bashing and knife attacks at train stations, especially against people with Indian appearance (I am not Indian but somewhat resemble one), and this gets me worried because when I get off at the train station I walk about two minutes to my car, and it is dark and quiet.

    Should I stop having drinks and dinner with coworkers on Friday nights? I'm happy to quit drinks and dinner with coworkers, but I will need a good excuse because coworkers will ask me why I want to quit drinks or dinner and I will need to provide a good argument so they don't think I don't like them. (I actually don't like spending time with coworkers after work, but I don't want them to know that.)

    Does anyone know where I can get Melbourne crime statistics by suburb or train station? Do these stats reveal that Friday nights are more dangerous than other times of the day or week?
  2. JudgeDreadz

    JudgeDreadz Well-Known Member

    25th Mar, 2009
    can't you just say you don't like to get home late because of the latest stories on the news?