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Dependent Tax Offset Query

Discussion in 'Accounting, Tax & Legal' started by rx2, 14th Oct, 2009.

  1. rx2

    rx2 Member

    5th Mar, 2009
    Sydney, NSW

    I am just completing my tax return for this year and scratching my head a little with regards to the Dependent Tax Offset.

    We are not entitled to FTB A or B. Last December we had a little boy and my wife went on maternity leave. Including the maternity leave payments, she received a gross income from her employer for 8 months of 75K. I maintained her for the other 4 months.

    I am looking at working out what her Seperate Net Income would be, and have a couple of simple questions:

    1) Is the SNI just for the 4 months that I maintained her, which would probably be $0, or is the SNI for the whole year ie. including her 75K salary?

    2) ATO specify that the SNI is NET. I am assuming they are using the term NET to refer to the sum of all items, with the items being gross before tax ie. her gross salary, gross interest etc?

    Hopefully two simple questions :)

    Thanks in advance :)