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Direct Mortgage Facility

Discussion in 'General Investing Discussion' started by Sol Pro, 18th Feb, 2013.


Any knowledge of Direct Mortgages

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  1. Sol Pro

    Sol Pro New Member

    15th Feb, 2013
    Are any of you aware of Direct Mortgage Facilities? This is where an investor loans money to a business entity for a commercial purpose on 3-12 month terms in which the borrower puts up a mortgage (with a low LVR) to secure the loan.
    The investor/lender assumes the role of a bank and sets all the parameters of the loan ie; preferrable % rate (from 1-2% per month), LVR, term of loan, etc.
    I became aware of this about 6 months ago and after thorough investigation, I am in the process of investing in a 4 month term @ 1.75% per month rate and with a 55% LVR. The largest conveyancing firm in AU does the legal work and disperses the funds along with the loan being guaranteed and capital insured.
    Has anyone else seen or heard of this before.
    Let me know.