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Trading Do we have senses of risks as market players!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 10th Dec, 2010.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    Today's slogans to cry are "I want to get the basic sense of the risks at least!" "I want to survive and thrive!"

    1. We don't want to be gamblers!

    2. We want to be wise with self-awareness and environment-awareness!

    3. We need knowledge about the risks and get the chances among the risks!

    We need the efforts to make our risk management system work, small or big, with acceptable cost. We need to measure what's the effects of the risk management efforts. We need to get a sense how valuable of our risk management efforts before we plunge into the efforts, which would affect the performance/cost.

    Do you know or don't know them before you touch the risks?

    We often than not take a lot of loss or no-rewarded risks even we are or want to be intelligent investors. We don't know how to identify the risks, identify the reward risks, we don't have risks management ideas, and worst we don't have the senses of the risks!

    Inherently if we just from the schools to the office and stay in the office to punch a hole for engineering, number playing, science, and so on, we don't have the environment to get the senses and instinct about risks.

    More thoughts and more brain storm in the way

    Do you the risks and the corresponding reward? Want to get the senses? I put more of my learning and thought into my blog. Welcome to have a look and leave any words. It is just a way for me to feel a involvement, sharing, and brain storm to update my mind when I work in the market as a full time student and player!

    Don't read for our perfect but picking up only the things they make the senses always! NO SENSE and GET SENSE!

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