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Do you cash or chips or keep them

Discussion in 'Shares' started by jeffery85, 8th Mar, 2013.

  1. jeffery85

    jeffery85 Active Member

    20th Jul, 2012
    I have been playing with the share market the last few weeks with about 70K & about 3.5K bundles.

    in the last 2 weeks alone i have made approx $15K My question is one that confuses me a little.

    Do i sell them to cash in the money and then look for another opportunity???

    My financial advisor gave me 3 shares to play with (i have not brought one yet) as when i reviewed the stock market the shares seemed to be a little over priced to what they have been. (3 shares COM, TLS & AGL).

    I have purchased shares that are not on my advisors recommended list that may or may not be good long term Companies:

    Reasons: its one of the better stations they seem to be innovative

    Reasons: Every one needs insurance

    Reason: it looked cheap at the time

    *Mount Gibson Iron Ore
    Reason: I don't know why as i have held shares in this company for a number of years and lost alot of money but it seemed cheap & cash flow has been ok.

    Reason: discounted & future cash flow opportunities

    Reason: I have been told to own companies that inspire you & that you can monitor each day

    *Energy Resources Australia
    Reason: i needed some diversification and this was my substitute to AGL

    *David jones
    Reason: sentimental (i know a bad reason) but they have a restructure plan & is the worlds oldest department store.

    Reason: Sydney development caught my eye.

    Reason: brought cheap there is a offer on the tabel to sell at a higher price company very wobbly atm but they have a plan

    Reason: recession proof we are always going to have sex & the health industry needs gloves.

    Reasons: always given me good dividends so brought more.

    I also have buy orders in for Quants, thorn & Orica ( for when the market reaches my price).

    So i am abit confused do i cash out (i think this is called short investing & is sometimes not a good thing by what i read). My concerns are; The market crashes again & i loose some or all of my buffer that i have gained the last couple of weeks.

    If i do cash out now i will have the extra $15k to buy more of the recommended shares if the price comes down.

    I am a long term investor i am in my 20's & don't need to cash out anything till i am much older so i was hopping to have shares of companies that will stick around that can compound.

    One confused Jeffery
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