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Trading Do you still feel the pains?

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 5th Oct, 2012.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    It is painful to lose money in the stock market. The bigger you lose the more fearful are you. The more fearful are you the more mistakes would you make. Of course it is the same to greed.

    Since the May of 2011, nearly all of traders, professional or individuals, are losers. Do you remember how you cried when XAO tried its hardest efforts to lead the whole world into GFCII, which failed and should failed since XAO could not be the leader for itself.

    Would you have believed XAO could be 4500 again in 2012? Most of us are short sighting in the stock market. So that most of us are losers without matter we like or dislike.

    Could we have a few months of sunny day ahead, such as from now to next March? Human is amazing. When we are battered by storm, tsunami, or disaster, we would cry and swear to give up but we never. The market price would be recovered after the people struggle to get things better.

    The key is never to buy at peak, in the process of the crashes, and when most of traders have not given up. The key is to hold your position when things are better and better.

    I do feel painful from the cuts caused by the greed first and fear second:

    1. I was greedy before May 2011, which made inflated ego, blindness of the reality, and greed and arrogance. Market could give the days for you but it could not last forever!

    2. I was fearful after that. I got SIR at $0.06 around. I was so scare to lose the profit at $0.27. I knew SIR had got something to make it but I was really fearful, very and very fearful...

    Too many said you must be fundamentalist, some said you must be tech genius, but anything we use are tools. Do you know what your tools for? Are you greedy or fearful since the change of environment? Do you have your mind and make sure you would not fail even some of your concepts are wrong?

    Unfortunately most of traders work for their tools rather than their own profit and they usually lose their guts after they lose their tools. Pains are warning signals which could be very helpful if you are not fearful!

    Both of fear and greed are very expensive. My greed cost $180,000 paper profit between March -Oct 2012. My fear cost $100,000 which could have been the profit if I held SIR just 1 or 2 weeks more.

    It is hard to be fearless when the whole market is fearful. It is difficult to be cool rather than euphoric when the whole market is greedy.

    Most of traders would succumb to the crowd sentiment. After crash and big loss, we all tend to be anxious, being denial, panic, angry, and depressed. We need to check our own mind and set up strong defensive line against these sentimental.

    Have we been depressed enough? Don't hurry to get the conclusion but think about it consciously with the view in history and philosophy.

    No one could save you or destroy you but yourself.
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