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Does investing in US property work?

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Peter G, 10th Jan, 2016.

  1. Peter G

    Peter G New Member

    22nd Dec, 2015
    Gold Coast
    It's happened to many Australian Property Investors:

    "Went to the seminar, got sucked into the hype, bought 1,2, or more "cheap" Turnkey U.S. properties with projected ROIs of 15%-20%, used my Super and savings to do it, and now 3-4 years down the road the reality is that I paid too much, I've lost money, I've had to rehab the property at least twice at $10K per time, the Property Manager stole my money, and now I can't even sell the thing unless I take a 50% hit."

    The thing is, owning Rental Property in the U.S. can be profitable. I've done it.

    Unfortunately, many Investors are giving up and are turning to the people from whom they purchased the house in the first place to try to get rid of the headache. The problem is, these people are just buying the place back at deeply discounted prices, putting lipstick on a pig, and then turning it around and re-selling to other Australians and repeating the whole process.

    There has to be an end to this sad state of affairs. As the owner of a successful mid-sized Property Management company in Kansas City and an integral part of the largest single-family-home Property Management Franchise in the U.S., I've personally had to rescue hundreds of Australian Investors from the disaster they bought into, and helped them turn their house into a stable, profitable, investment. I've done this for people who have purchased property all over the U.S., and the key lies in Management.

    I'd like to meet you, learn about your experiences, give you a forum to vent, and ask for your bucket list of investment requirements. I have a plan on how we can collectively get rid of the pain.

    Please note:

    ? I'm not selling any product or property
    ? I'm not asking you to pay anything (unless we meet at a location with drinks and food)
    ? I'm not offering to buy your property
    ? I'm not going to teach you how to invest
    ? This is definitely NOT a feel-good/back-slap/high-five/motivational seminar

    What I am doing is suggesting a way in which we can collectively dictate OUR terms for OUR properties so we can make OUR money. Please join us at AUS-USA Investment Property Support Group

    Hope to see you there!