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Trading DOW: What? It would be 20,000!

Discussion in 'Shares' started by wdongli, 2nd Jun, 2011.

  1. wdongli

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    31st Mar, 2010
    Too many words about the darkness caused by GFC and the extrapolation based on what could be seen in the ruins. It is understandable but illogical and is some kind of irrationality exuberance. Without matter how badly your houses were burnt, you could not extrapolate the future of yourselves and your kids.

    How many people could image we could know everything before one table with a rectangular something(the screen) in 1980s. Did you pouch holes on the tap to let a huge house-like box to compute something for you. In Australia or even around the world, could you see millions of men or women fought for something they just felt good but Pig ideologies now? Until 1977, it was true in China, Soviet Union, and fundamental communism fought to break down the chains for workers after the workers voluntarily put new chains onto their nets. We may generate some new disasters but as a whole human kind has got great jump in its history!

    I like to read an article such as this Next stop: Dow 20,000 Outside the Box - MarketWatch very much. If GFC was a matter which happened one time in 70 years, it was much better than it should give the workers and farmers, the ordinary men or women around the world. If the sky doesn't fall down, the burnt houses could be demolished and new houses could be built. DOW would be 20,000 sooner or later. What is important is we should not lose our shirts before and during it moves to this point. It is true it may happen 10 years later but see some light in desperation would make your life better. We have too much trouble even it would be there tomorrow.

    Some points in this article needs to be pondering and it would be much more constructive for us than for us to get together and curse the ruins from GFC.

    The market fell like a brick on Wednesday.

    • People can’t handle any piece of bad news without saying “this is the big one.”

    • We have visceral memories of May through July 2010, just a year ago.

    • We have visceral memories of 2008, when it seemed like no end was in sight.

    • In Australia we have visceral memories how bad the world and Australia were since the peak of 2008.

    • Nobody wants to be caught trying to catch that knife with their mouths like in a circus act.

    • You get cut up that way, and the blood isn’t pretty.

    But it’s not going to happen.

    Even God took one day to rest. The market every now and then needs a day or two to rest. Maybe even more than a day or two. But over the next 12 to 18 months the author expect to see Dow 20,000. (I do. I do hope XAO to be 10,000.)

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