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DPF (Financial planning)- NEED HELP

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by tsh01, 21st Nov, 2008.

  1. tsh01

    tsh01 Member

    21st Nov, 2008
    ive just about to finish my final exam for DFP
    (financial planning) final Unit (SRP) super retire planning. i twice resit for the final module and both fail. I ve been told from Kaplan, that to continue the course, i have to redo the whole Unit again.
    It has taken me 2 years to do this off campus,and im really depressed and stressed, I dont want to go thru again. Can anyone tell me what can I do to fullfill this course???? - i have looked at differ institution
    (internat istitut of tech) they told me they could help me to exempt the ones that ive already done and do the final one with them but without exam. then do the assign/assment accompanied with Role play..
    CAN ANY ONE RECOMMEND IS THIS A GOOD WAY TO GO....or should I go back to Kaplan and redo the SRP (assing/exam) again ???
  2. Mark Laszczuk

    Mark Laszczuk Well-Known Member

    16th Aug, 2005

    Resit the super exam (aren't these open book now?) with Kaplan. If you fail again, you may only have to re-do the Super unit. If you have passed the first three units, I don't see why they would make you do all of them again, as they are considered seperate modules.

    My suggestion is book in to do the exam with Kaplan and study the course until you know the stuff backwards. Don't sweat it, I failed the super exam the first time too (but mine was a closed book exam). I hate super, it's so complicated and really really boring! But mate, if you want to pass you just have to do whatever needs to be done to pass.

  3. AsxBroker

    AsxBroker Well-Known Member

    8th Sep, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi TSH,

    To clarify, you have failed the SRP subject twice and now Kaplan want to charge you the full amount to redo the subject. This is fair enough, same thing happens if you were doing CFP and failed the subject you would have to pay for the full subject. You changed the wording from module to course and that is why Mark was surprised that they are going to charge you for the course (ie your diploma) versus your module/subject (SRP).

    To complete your Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) you will have to complete that subject. It's not a Diploma in Financial Planning though it is obviously easy to confuse as everyone else does...

    The course is the same at every training organisation, you may be better off asking Kaplan what parts of the exam you failed and concentrating on those and then re-doing the subject. The subject is broken up into chapters/modules in the lecture notes. From memory there are 10 multiple choice questions based on each module, ask Kaplan which modules you should focus on to pass.

    Be happy you don't have to deal with Reasonable Benefit Limits...

    Good luck,

  4. BB**

    BB** Member

    24th Jun, 2009
    I'd be really careful of people that say that you can do it with them w/o doing the exam etc
    someone that I work with did a course that he thought would make him ps146 compliant, only thing was that he went for the job and they said nope, we don't recognise that, and he had to do the whole thing all over again
    I have had to restart my super one with kaplan, same thing has happened to me

    you will do it!!! think positive, get the shi*s if that helps and do it asap!!