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Duplex in Ryde Council

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dual Occ beginner, 3rd Jan, 2015.

  1. Dual Occ beginner

    Dual Occ beginner New Member

    3rd Jan, 2015
    Hello everyone, i just joined InvestEd. I was doing research on duplex building and came across the forum which i found a lot of useful information. And hope I can obtain some useful advise/insight as well.

    My hubby and I are looking into putting a dual occ in our block in west ryde (606m2 with 15m frontage). But we just found out that Ryde council rule has changed from Oct 2014 that dual occ is only allowed in the block of more than 580m2 and with at least 20m frontage.

    So we are looking for other options.

    1. My ex-colleague told me that probably I can find a nice design that does not look like a duplex but one house. This is what she is doing in Ermington now. Ryde council may approve it.
    2. Strata subdivide my block - This is mentioned in the council website. I am currently researching pros and cons of this approach.

    If anyone has similar experience or any insight - can you please kindly help me?
    Thanks very much! :):)