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Emergency Broker to Broker Transfer needed

Discussion in 'Shares' started by underdog1ssrr, 24th Jul, 2010.

  1. underdog1ssrr

    underdog1ssrr New Member

    24th Jul, 2010
    Commsec is doing a forced closure because I was overdue by about $600 and it was my first and only time. I was informed late and then misinformed again twice on the phone so didn't sell down enough shares to stop a force sale. After the forced sale I was informed my account would be closed and I've was given about 4 business days from when I got notified.
    I need to transfer to my etrade account before a forced sale, therefore sent off my transfer form, however today I realised they also want holding statements from the broker your transferring from. I do not have them because they haven't been issued to me yet, or I only just transfered from etrade to commsec those same holdings recently, so I have the Etrade holding statements.
    I want to know if they would still allow the transfer without the holding statements and if there is some way around it.
    Can anybody help please?
  2. etrembath

    etrembath Member

    27th Jul, 2010
    mate, the broker can do what's called a 12A and your SRN can be found. There is usually a cost - we charge 27.50 at Bell Potter.

    good luck.