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FINSIA/KAPLAN Course - E111 FOREX Markets elective really tough?

Discussion in 'Financial Planning Study Group' started by C3PO, 23rd Jun, 2008.

  1. C3PO

    C3PO Well-Known Member

    28th Feb, 2008
    Adelaide, SA
    Hi there

    Hoping that someone out there who did/is doing the Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment with Finsia/Kaplan can help me out. I am really struggling with E111 - Foreign Exchange Markets & Trading. Just can't get my head around FOREX options at all. I am home based & don't have access to support outside what is provided by the course.

    Basically what I'm wondering is if this is considered a particularly difficult subject?

    So far I have done well in:
    E112 - Futures Markets & Trading
    C1 - Financial Markets & Economics
    C2 - Financial Analysis & Valuation
    C3 - Securities Industry Law & Ethics
    and I think I am doing OK in 157 - Financial Planning Skills I

    But I'm finding that E111 - FOREX Markets & Trading is just beyond me. So maybe I'm discovering that I don't have the makings of a currency trader :)

    If I fail E111 then I still have to do three more subjects to complete the Grad Dip (assuming I get thru 157), can anyone out there reassure me that E111 is a relatively difficult one and it's not just me???

  2. AsxBroker

    AsxBroker Well-Known Member

    8th Sep, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    Hi C3PO,

    I've done both E111 and E112, I thought there was a lot of repetition when they started discussing forex futures and forex options.

    The hardest bit I found was figuring out whether to multiple or divide by each buy price or sell price depending on how the currency is quoted (directly or indirectly from memory). Nowadays in financial planning, its not something I have to do (calculating currency pairs) and the bugbear for me was a computer is going to do it anyway for you (though obviously they want us to understand how it works before plugging numbers into a computer).

    Any of your treasury stream subjects won't help you in a day to day sense for 157 and vice versa, though the trading subjects help when going to fund manager presentations and they start talking about their trading techniques you'll understand exactly what they are talking about.


  3. Tropo

    Tropo Well-Known Member

    17th Aug, 2005