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FREEVIEW - New free to air TV channels are coming soon

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Billv, 1st Jan, 2009.

  1. Billv

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    15th Jul, 2007
    Sydney, NSW
    You've probably seen the ads. Freeview is coming. But what is it?

    Freeview represents a unified response from the free-to-air broadcasters
    and is designed to take advantage of the relaxing of the Aust Gov rules on multichanneling.

    The extra channels will comprise of two standard-definition channels and one high-definition channel for the five major broadcasters. i.e 3 channels for ch7 , 3 for ch9, etc etc

    So far there is no much talk about program content but we know that TEN is planning on a 24-hour sports channel, called ONE HD, around April. It says this will also be rebroadcast on its new standard digital channel. Seven and Nine are yet to reveal the content for their HD channels.

    Any digital TV or HD set top box will be able to access all the new channels once they are on the air, but only Freeview-branded set top boxes will be able to access the new Electronic Program Guide (EPG). We're told these will be hitting the stores with a Freeview logo.

    Operating much like the Foxtel EPG, this will give viewers the full channel guide in one easy display, allowing you to check all free to air channels.

    Subscription broadcasters such as Foxtel, Optus TV and Austar are not part of the Freeview initiative.
    Is a war about to start between Free to air and Pay TV operators?
    I hope so, pay TV operators had the upper hand for too long and hopefully things are about to change.

    One thing is certain though, everybody wants to have your eyeballs
    so get that big screen TV ready and enjoy the clear digital TV pictures.....;)