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Global Listed Private Equity

Discussion in 'Managed Funds & Index Funds' started by iiinvestor, 14th Feb, 2007.

  1. iiinvestor

    iiinvestor Well-Known Member

    1st Feb, 2007
    Hi investors

    Does anyone here have experience in Listed Private Equity (LPE)? I don't have any money in LPE but I am getting more and more interested.

    I believe the primary index for global LPE is the LPX 50. From what I've heard (please don't quote me :)), the LPX 50 has outperformed most indices over 5 years and has reasonable volatility.

    A few reasons why I'm interested: higher returns, adds diversification to portfolio, adds exposure to unique countries and it sounds interesting :D There is a large range between the best and worse performing funds, but maybe a bit of research would mitigate some of the risk.

    Anyway, it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has considered LPE or has experience with it.

    Thank you