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Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GoldCoastGirl, 2nd May, 2007.

  1. GoldCoastGirl

    GoldCoastGirl Member

    1st May, 2007
    Gold Coast, QLD
    I'm a "dreamer" at the moment. Someone just doing her research and gathering knowledge so when I finally "take the plunge" and buy my first IP ... I hopefully won't make too many mistakes.

    I'm 28 years old. I'm planning to keep renting for the next few years and gather up a deposit... enough so that I can invest in CF+ (not necessarily in my own state) as well as cover all those 'hidden' costs that people forget are involved in the whole process.

    I shall be moving out of my unit by August. I'm unsure as to what my living position will be... I'll be renting I just don't know whether I will be a room-mate to someone (or boarder - not on any leases), have my own place (if it is nicely under $200 per week) and/or find a place and take on some boarders/room-mates (ie rent in a 3 bedroom with 2 other people).

    My other dream is to own and operate a vet clinic and/or other animal orientated business eventually.... buy an established one I would prefer instead of having to establish one. I have the tools as to how to "add life" to an already established business.

    Otherwise I'm self employed.

    I'm here to learn all I can about money management, property investing, asset protection and business. I was never someone who was 'big' on the share market thing.

    :D So hello from Gold Coast !!

    PS If anyone would like to take me on as a tenant (you are a private landlord not someone who deals thru an agent) then please do contact me. I've been renting privately for awhile and like renting privately as I like being able to establish and have a good relationship with my landlord instead of the BS of real estate agents who manage a property. I need a Gold Coast based property with room for a car (pet friendly a bonus but not needed).
  2. Insight

    Insight Brisbane Buyers Agent

    24th Sep, 2006
    Hi GCG


    Welcome to InvestEd and Somersoft!

    I lived on the coast from 95-05, then got a bit bored with it all.

    Yep keep reading, asking silly questions, making silly mistakes and trying to improve, that's the formula I use and it's working ok.

  3. Glebe

    Glebe Well-Known Member

    15th Aug, 2005
    Sydney, NSW
    Hey GCG,

    Keep saving your spare cash and learning as much as you can. Invested and Somersoft Property Investment Forums are great sites for learning from others. In no time at all you'll be able to apply your knowledge.

    The Gold Coast continues to rapidly transform, if you become a local expert you'll do pretty well..

    PS - Go the hula-hoop.